Friday, January 02, 2009

Homeschooling Quotes

Reasons for Homeschooling

A main reason for homeschooling is to provide children with guided and reasoned social interactions.

- Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.

One reason for homeschooling is to enhance family relationships between children and parents and among siblings.

- Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.

Concern for developing children’s values, beliefs, worldview, and way of life is a key reason for homeschooling.

- Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.

Increased safety is a main reason for homeschooling (e.g., violence, drug & alcohol use, psychological abuse by schools, pressure for premarital sexual behaviors).

- Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.


“There appears to be … a convergence of evidence that homeschooled children’s social skills are exceptional.”

– Richard Medlin, Ph.D., HSR 17(1)

Homeschool children “… may be more socially mature and have better leadership skills than other children …”

- Richard G. Medlin, Ph.D.

Some government-school advocates claim homeschoolers will not be decent, civil, and respectful; research shows otherwise.

- Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.

Research suggests homeschool students more consistently reflect “… values that promote self-restraint.”

- T. Wayne McEntire, Ph.D., HSR 16(2)